Client Reviews

We love hearing from our clients!  Here are some recent reviews and testimonials.


My father needed a custom concrete job in his backyard, a very large patio that needed to be torn out and re-poured. I contacted Steve knowing that he works with the best people inside the home builders association. All the men who worked on the project knew their jobs very well and the final result was an exact fit to my design. Stick with Steve.


- Rob and Jen M.

When we bought our home 12 years ago we knew it was a good fit for us and something we could grow into, but over the years our family grew, and within the last year we knew we needed to make some big changes. We interviewed several builders before beginning our home remodel- we're a family of 7 (5 children)- and one thing we needed was a builder that was willing to work with our family, be available and responsive- before, during and after the remodel- because we were going to have to live in our home while we remodeled. We found that builder in Steve Steele.

After gutting almost the entire downstairs portion of our home, including our entire kitchen, part of the master bedroom, walls in the family room and dining room, and the utility room, it's honestly a little surreal to tell you that we lived through the remodel, that it wasn't as awful as I thought it might be, and we're immensely enjoying the results! I credit all of that to Steve and the fantastic team he's assembled. Steve and his contractors made this experience as reasonable as they could; more than that, they went out of their way to make sure I was as comfortable as I, and our family, could be through this process. We couldn't be happier with our new kitchen, utility room, office area, open family room and open dining room! The spaces are beautiful, they're exactly what we wanted, and the process was reasonable and livable! Steve made sure we were prepared and knew what to expect, which was half the battle, and always took time to take our calls, reach out to other contractors when we needed something, and followed up with us throughout the process. We never felt that once we "signed on the dotted line" that Steve disappeared along with any interest in our satisfaction.

In conclusion, it was a fantastic experience for all of us, and we truly couldn't be more grateful or happier with the results. Any builder that can remodel around a house full of toddlers and teens while keeping the parent's sanity intact is worth his weight in gold! Our time spent remodeling with Steve was an investment in our home that has meant so much to our family!


- Kathryn F.

It was exceedingly well done. We met him at a home show. He impressed us. He really tried to make sure he was keeping the cost down. He discussed with us the options stating we could do one thing versus another. He advised us well. He let us know what we wanted to do in a reasonable and affordable amount. He brought someone down from Chattanooga, TN who does brick so he was able to match the home. You can’t even tell it is an addition. We have been really blessed.


- Judy R.

Dave and I truly enjoyed working with Steve and his staff. The entire process was very easy and professional. Steve was highly accessible throughout the construction of our home. We really enjoy our quality, custom home!


- Vincent P.

In 1991, my family and I left New York to settle in Huntsville, AL. After searching for a pre-existing home to purchase, we made the decision to build. I had already experience building a custom home in New York and knew that the builder selection would be my most important decision. I started by visiting all of the local builders sites to assess the quality of their work. When I found the Steve Steele construction, my search was over. Steve was all that I could ask for in a builder and more. Steve built (and rebuilt due to ever changing requirements) a house that met all of our expectations. When we were not available and a decision needed to be made, he always made it in our favor. When the decorating needed to be done, Mariam spent endless hours with my wife finding just the right color combinations and trims. In the end, he provided a home that I am proud to own. The service did not stop after the sale. One week in our new house and we discovered a pipe had been compromised with a sheet rock nail and it was not until several uses of the shower that the nail "freed" itself and water began to flow behind a wall. I called at 7:00AM and by 8:00AM; he had a crew on the job repairing the problem. Almost a year later when we discovered a leak in the roof, he sent a roofer to repair the problem ON THE FIRST CALL. This is the kind of service that makes Steve a one of a kind builder. Over the last 12 years, I have had many opportunities to see other builder's work and in my opinion, none compare to the quality of Steve Steele construction. I can only say that if I have the opportunity to build again Steve is my first and only choice.


- Rick N.

Parade of Homes Winner - 212 Veranda-Clifts Cove

We just bought this house that Steve built 3 years ago and was the parade of homes winner. It still is an awesome house. The quality of workmanship is superb. Truly is one of the few builders you can rely on.


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